Company messaging a bit Everything, Everywhere All At Once?

Here’s what you need to do.

It’s baffling – how one of the most critical things we need in place for business success is so often overlooked by companies big and small.

It’s the single biggest problem my clients face and I feel like I’m on constant repeat:

How can you expect your customers to ‘get’ your business, if you’re not clear

in your own mind about who you are, what you do and what value you give your customers.

Messaging matters

Clear business messaging builds a healthy business. Without a clear story (based firmly on your company’s core messages), your audience might struggle to grasp your worth – wasting your money and precious time on comms that just won’t hit their mark. Worse still, if your competitors get their messaging spot on, you’re more likely to lose out to them.

What your business needs is a bank of well-thought out, simple, clear business/product messages that get to the heart of how you can help – delivered through a single, clear, unified brand voice that gets you heard by your ideal customers.

Confidence follows clarity

Uncertainty in your company message can often lead to a loss of confidence. At WordBrand we strongly believe that no one should have to feel uncomfortable or struggle to find the right words. That’s why our mission is to help any business that needs help to find clarity and to give them a leg up with their company messaging and comms.

The opportunity cost of not getting your business messaging right, is too high a price to pay.

Why do companies struggle to come up with clear messaging?
Having worked in messaging and content for over a decade now, it’s clear that for most businesses, working through the chaos of everything they know about their company/product, to find the clarity they need to express it clearly – can be a daunting, difficult and sometimes almost impossible task – especially when they’re so close to the business.

Common problems with clarifying their business message include:


      • Having too much to say, without quite knowing how to say it

      • They’re too close to the business (they know too much) to make sense of it

      • People across the company have different ways of explaining their business

      • They don’t know where/how to start working through the chaos to find clarity


    How do you get your company messaging right?

    When trying to sift through and clarify their business message, what holds most companies back is the absence of a process or methodology they can work through in order to make sense of the chaos.

    At WordBrand, we have a tried and tested process that enables us to systematically work through everything, and come out the other side with clear business value statements and messages that get to the heart of your business and your customer.

    Clarity running throughout your organisation enables your entire team to move the business forward in a more focused and meaningful way.

    WordBrand’s Top Tip

    Invest your valuable time on the things that will make the most difference to your business. Get clear on …


        • Your customer pain points, needs and wants

        • What it is that you do exactly

        • How you help your customers overcome their challenges

        • How you can make their lives easier and help them to thrive

      … and you’ll start to get your message heard loud and clear, helping you bridge the gap between what your customers think you do and what you actually do.

      Do you want world-class messaging for your business?

      Let us take a look at your messaging and comms and we’ll let you know what we think. No strings.